Quarantine POP-up group!

4-Week guide to finding balance with fitness, nutrition, wellness, spirituality & soul

TOTAL Body Fitness Plan targeted to sculpt beautiful + feminine curves






Are you ready to BURN FAT & BUILD sexy lean muscle?

This FUN & EASY TO FOLLOW Program starts Wednesday, April 15th


Let's work together on building beautiful SHAPES, MANIFESTING our greatness, VIBRATING on a higher level and knocking out SELF-CARE goals all while having fun & supporting each other through the month!


*full plan details in the links below

My Journey of Weight Loss & Finding Balance

Over 10yrs ago I decided it was time to change my lifestyle.  This meant letting go of old habits, taking control of my health and taking a leap of faith...


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Official BOOTYBUILDER & THICKA THAN A SNICKA gear now available!


Established in 2012 the Bootybuilder™ brand is for ALL of us ladies who WORK HARD for our curves - kickin' BOOTY in the gym/home, lifting weights, powering through yoga, kickboxing, running, squatting - you name it!  It's time we let everyone know: